I am studying computer science at Czech Technical University at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. I’m 22 years old. I’ve changed universities, because of that, I had to start again.

Professional career

My first experience with computers was in 2011 when I was hosting a game server for friends. Since then I was interested in linux and after a while I was helpdesk at Czech gamehosting.

Shortly after my first server went live I got interested in having a website, so I started to learning programming in PHP.

In late 2016, till June 2017, I was teaching some basic IT at Centre of leisuire time activities in Prague. I had 3 courses which were:

These courses were for kids from 10 to 18 years of age where at programming lessons the average was around 14-15. Hardware had avaerage age at 13 and robotics (I think because of Lego) had average at age of 12.

It was great experience and even I learned a lot, some things were new for me on technical side of things (my knowledge is not infinite). But I learned much more about how to teach, how to manage group of people, how to share your knowledege and one day I would love to take this skills in use by doing trainings or short courses for example.

Since 2018 I am a freelancer and while I’m studying, I am trying to find time to work on some projects and make some money.

Some dates

09/2013 - 09/2014: Helpdesk at game hosting

09/2016 - 06/2017: Teacher at Centre of leisuire time activities

Since 04/2018: Freelancing

Since 08/2019: Long-term contract

Technical interests

There is a list of technologies I am interested in, I’m sure I’ve missed some so do no take it for granted that what is not here I do not care about.

git, PHP, Golang, Rust, NodeJS, async programming, distributed systems, cloud (AWS), serverless, devops, security, linux (servers), SQL databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), Redis, message queues (RabbitMQ, AWS SQS), multiplayer games, realtime apps, APIs & gRPC, scalable infrastructure, Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, nginx

That were the fancy buzzwords. What I actually do? I write web apps in PHP in Nette framework. I sometimes use Vue.js for frontend.

Recently I moved away from PHP world into DevOps, SRE, automation and I will be writing Golang! Rust, you are up next.

I love automation and CI proccesses, GitLab is just an awesome tool with so many great features in a single thing. That’s just wow.

Have you met containerization? And I do not mean only Docker, also Linux Containers (lxc) is a great thing too. But for simplicity and usability, identical environment for all, Docker is a the thing right now.

Severless, that is a fancy thing which has been around for a while now, we have providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. You can do so much of awesome stuff, just google for it. It is quite easy to get started with simple functions and utilities or create an entire website!


At some point I have been working (professionally or in personal manner) with these technologies:

git, PHP, nginx, SQL databses (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL), Sentry, Redis, RabbitMQ, NodeJS (Yarn,, Webpack, Vue.js), Python, Java, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine), Docker, GitHub & GitLab & BitBucket, GitLab CI/CD, Kubernetes, Digital Ocean’s cloud (Managed Kubernes), Apache web server

Personal interests

Among computers and other IT things, I have other interests (Hard to believe, right?).

I love hanging out with friends, watching movies, series or going to theater. I love music, live concerts are awesome! And my Spotify subscription is best spent 6 EUR / month. Also I really like tattoos, I currently have two, but on spots that can be easily hidden if needed, but I will not hide them because you do not like them.

Sports, I think you need to have healthy relationship with your body. You need to keep your mind satisfied and your body, sports are good way of doing it. My favorite sports are motion based such as parkour and slackline and my latest discovery - paragliding. I guess you can say I like adrenalin (a lot). And also seasonal-based sports such as cycling, skying, paddling (on rivers) and more. And I never got into running.

I like beer, but I’m trying to avoid drinking whenever possible.

One of the things I love to do is traveling, which today is really cheap, but you need to have time and money (at the same time) which for student is quite hard combination to achieve.

Also, I’m a scout.

In 2019 I joined a non-profit organization IAESTE where I was managing IT infrastructure, legacy servers and Kubernetes. I was volunteering here.